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21 October 2022

Y.Georgiades & Associates LLC win Appeal in EUIPO Trademark Dispute.

In a landmark judgment the three member Appellant Court of EUIPO has accepted all legal arguments submitted by The advocates Yiannos Georgiades and Stephanie Georgiadou and dismissed the trademark registered in bad faith by AEA ABOGADOS.

02 June 2022

The flag of our Cyprus Law Firm Y.Georgiades & Associates reached the top of Mt.Denali, at the altitude of 6190 meters.

02 June 2022

Our Cyprus law firm successfully advised its clients in the licensing deal between PAME UNI and WOW BD GROUP.

21 May 2022

30 Year Anniversary Party – Hilton, Nicosia

19-20 May 2022

Our Cyprus law firm hosted the two-day annual International Congress of Glawbus – the Global Law and Bussines Organisation based in Brussels. The event was attended by a lot of lawyers and other professionals from about 20 countries . There were a lot of distinguished speakers and panelists from the goverment and the private sector who spoke about Digital Transformation, Innovation , New Technologies and the Law , Funding of Tech Companies and Headquartering .The Secretary General of Cyprus Chamber of Commerce Mr Marios Tsiakis , the President of the Cyprus Bar Association Dr Christos Clerides ,the President of the Larnaca Bar Association Mr Christos Mouskos and the President of Glawbus Mr Yiannos Georgiades addressed the Audience of about 70 participants on Friday! During the annual meeting of the association the members re-elected Mr Yiannos Georgiades as the President of the Organisation and the rest of the members of the board for the next 3 years. They also chose Seychelles as the next location for the Congress which will take place next year at the end of May!

05 May 2022

Y.Georgiades & Associates LLC appointed as the legal advisors of the first Tech And Innovation Venture Capital Fund formed in Cyprus, the KV Fund, which focuses on Cypriot companies looking to scale up in the USA and Globally. The formation of the fund is certainly a significant milestone which shall aid in bolstering the tech and innovation entrepreneurial ecosystem of Cyprus and which shall provide a brighter and wider potential for a number of innovative Cypriot companies.

05 April 2022

Y.Georgiades & Associates LLC received a distinquished service award from the Cyprus Red Cross Society (Nicosia Branch) for supporting as well as for sponsoring the production of “Friends for Oscars” thanks to which a considerable amount of funds were raised towards their Social Welfare Program.

19 March 2022

Our law firm participated in this year’s Limassol Marathon Corporate Team Race!

20 December 2021

Our law firm has legally assisted EMBIO Diagnostics Ltd, a portfolio company of Kinisis Ventures LLC, in securing a €1m investment from an international investor, ASBIS Group, a strategic tech giant.

16 August 2021

Our Cyprus law firm successfully represented a guarantor in making a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman of Cyprus. According to a decision of the Financial Ombudsman dated 06 August 2021 the guarantor’s complaint was accepted and the Ombudsman called on the licensed credit institution and by extension the Hellenic Bank to return to the Complainant the seized amount of €238,875.95 (plus interest from 1.1.2021 to 8.7.2021) and thereafter, fully exempt him from his guarantor obligations in relation to the loan.


Our Cyprus law firm acted as legal representatives of a gold mining company that was the Respondent in a multi-million International Commercial Arbitration dispute before a three member Tribunal of the ICC Arbitration Court, London, UK.

17 January 2020

Our Cyprus law firm were the legal partners of the Patient Safety Conference 2020. During the conference the managing partner of the firm Mr Yiannos Georgiades gave a presentation titled “Patient Rights, Evolution of Medical Law in Cyprus”. The conference was attended by 210 participants from various professional backgrounds.

13 January 2020

A policeman represented by our law firm obtained a judgment in his favour for the amount of €35,000 after he was injured at a derby football match between Omonia F.C. and Apoel FC. The decision of the District Court of Nicosia vindicates him 11 years later, finding the State liable. “Police officers were surrounded by the followers of Omonia and the plaintiff was hit by a stone on the left leg and as a result he fell to the ground immobilized” stated, among other things, the court’s decision – “The Republic of Cyprus owed greater diligence and a strengthened presence of the Police,  especially in matches such as the disputed one with 20,000 fans”


Our law firm represented its clients who were the Respondents in a multi-million ad-hoc International Commercial Arbitration which took place in Nicosia, Cyprus.

04 January 2019

The flag of Y.Georgiades & Associates reached the top of Aconcagua, at the amazing altitude of 6962 meters. It is one of the Seven Summits.

16 September 2016

Red Bull wins case against Pitsillides Trading at Supreme Court

The Supreme Court affirmed a first instance court decision that our clients Red Bull GmbH had the right to terminate its exclusive distribution contract with P.Pitsillides Trading Ltd and its director P.Pitsillides who sought €7.4m in damages. The legal action was triggered by the decision of Red Bull to terminate the agreement for exclusive distribution of the energy product Red Bull in Cyprus which they had signed with Pitsillides Trading Ltd and its decision to proceed with the appointment of another representative as their exclusive distributor in Cyprus.

30 May 2014

Judgment obtained in favour of clients Kayat Trading Limited in landmark case of Kayat Trading Limited v Genzyme Corporation. Y.Georgiades & Associates LLC successfully pursued and proved the case of their clients and obtained a judgment for the sum of $4.178.400 plus interest, VAT and costs.

2 March 2012

A judgment was obtained in favour of our clients the CY pilots provident fund by which the company Suphire Securities and Financial Services was ordered to return some €800,000 to the provident fund of the Cyprus Airways pilots. Following the lengthy civil trial the Nicosia District court found that Suphire and the director of the latter defrauded the provident fund to the tune of €784,000.

23 December 2011

Obtained legal aid for our client Mr O’Dwyer.

The Famagusta court granted legal aid to an EU foreign national for the first time ever in a civil case in Cyprus. The EU’s cross border directive, which was written into law in 2003 and amended to include civil cases in 2005, aims to establish common minimum rules relating to legal aid and to ensure it is granted to people who cannot meet the cost of proceedings on account of their financial situation.

30 October 2010

Property developers Christoforos Karayiannas and his son Marios Karayiannas were convicted of assaulting our client Cornelius O’Dwyer and were given a 10 month suspended prison sentence.

18 March 2005

Acting on behalf of the Cyprus Airways (CY) pilots’ union our law firm successfully obtained a freezing order to freeze the assets of Suphire as millions were missing from provident funds.


Moving to new offices Agiou Pavlou & Kadmou 2

09 December 2002

Nurse wins landmark medical settlement.

Our law firm successfully represented a nurse who became ill after being given no protection against handling toxic medicines at Nicosia General hospital. The nurse obtained landmark damages of £145,000 following a three-year legal battle against the government. After a lengthy period over which doctors were puzzled by her condition, the nurse was finally diagnosed with the chronic Epstein-Barr virus which affected her immune system. This was caused by unnecessary occupational exposure to Cyclophosphamide (aka Endoxana) which she administered to kidney sufferers during her time at the department.


Founding of Y.Georgiades & Associates LLC

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