Shaping Future Legal Minds with Hands-On Experience

Y. Georgiades & Associates LLC proudly welcomed a group of enthusiastic interns, offering them an experience of the legal profession in Cyprus.

Our law firm, provided an informative session on the ins and outs of practicing law in Cyprus and presented CyLAW and iJustice to the interns.

The interns were taken on a guided tour of some of the local judicial buildings. Starting with the District Court of Nicosia, they got a firsthand look at the heart of local jurisprudence. The journey continued with visits to the Administrative Court, providing insights into the administrative law processes, and concluded at the modern Supreme Court building.

A partner at Y. Georgiades & Associates LLC commented, “It’s one thing to read about laws and cases; it’s another to see where they are debated, decided, and implemented. We believe in providing a holistic experience to our interns, ensuring they understand both the theoretical and tangible aspects of the legal profession.”

As Y. Georgiades & Associates LLC continues its tradition of mentorship and education, there is no doubt that many of these interns will soon be making their mark in the legal landscape of Cyprus.


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