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Cyprus Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

In Cyprus, while litigation remains the dominant approach to dispute resolution, there’s a burgeoning interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods, particularly for disputes involving cross-border transactions and commercial matters. However, to this day, there aren’t any official Cyprus institutions solely dedicated to ADR services.

The judicial landscape in Cyprus is evolving. Cypriot courts exhibit a strong endorsement of ADR practices. Judges, especially when confronted with cases encompassing specialized technical or scientific matters, often suggest arbitration as a more fitting route.

Y. Georgiades & Associates LLC: Spearheading Cyprus Arbitration & ADR

As a leading Cyprus Commercial Law firm, Y. Georgiades & Associates LLC is poised to adeptly guide clients through both traditional litigation and ADR processes like arbitration and mediation.

For arbitration in Cyprus to commence, parties must have a binding arbitration agreement, typically irrevocable unless stipulated otherwise or overridden by a court order, as per the Arbitration Law 1944 (Section 3, Cap. 4) – governing domestic arbitration. This agreement must be documented under both the Arbitration Law 1944, Section 2 and the International Commercial Arbitration Law L.101/87 for international arbitrations.

Should legal proceedings be initiated against an arbitration agreement, the Court holds the discretion, as per Article 8 of the domestic arbitration law, to postpone these proceedings, favoring arbitration instead.

Arbitration proves apt for most commercial issues in Cyprus. Matters touching upon criminal or family law are, however, deemed non-arbitrable.

Additionally, disputing parties can seek mediation. An independent third party aids the parties in negotiations, striving for a mutually agreeable settlement. Y. Georgiades & Associates LLC stands out in this realm, with our Managing Partner, Mr. Georgiades, recently recognized at a Milan event by the Chamber of Arbitration of Milan as one of the elite 28 online European mediators adept at handling cross-border disputes.

We firmly advocate for businesses to integrate comprehensive arbitration clauses in commercial contracts, ensuring efficient, organized, and decisive dispute resolution that’s also cost-effective. It’s pivotal that no practical aspect is overlooked and that every agreement aligns with the Arbitration Law, Cap. 4 for domestic arbitration.

The Growing Momentum for ADR in Cyprus

Cyprus’s resilience against global economic downturns, combined with its strategic location, low tax rates, and EU membership, accentuates its allure as an international dispute resolution hub. The rising awareness of ADR’s significance among Cypriot businesses further reinforces Cyprus as a preferred choice for handling international disputes via arbitration and mediation.



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